Got My Autographed Copy!

Today I received my autographed copy of Margaret Atwood’s The Stone Mattress, my prize for being one of two runners-up for the Freeze-Dried Groom Fiction Contest on Wattpad.

My entry, Miss Hazel-Eyes, was my first attempt at writing in present tense, the same tense used by Ms. Atwood for the character of Sam in the short story, The Freeze-Dried Groom, whose fate is largely unknown – till I got a hold of him, thanks to Ms. Atwood’s contest.

It was interesting to write in present tense – a bit invigorating, if you ask me.  I might even try it in another short story that’s related to Loving Ashe, the current novel I’m working on, and see how I do.

Still, I’m pretty chuffed to get my own copy!  I already have the audiobook version but I’m more a reader than a listener so this book is perfect!


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