Si Je T’aime (If I Love You) – A Loving Ashe Short Story

I was planning on writing a Valentine-themed short story for Billie and Heath, my characters from my third novel, A Collateral Attraction, but somehow they weren’t quite ready to tell me their plans for their first Valentine’s Day together.  Fortunately, Ashe and Riley were not as tight-lipped, so here’s a reworking of a short story I wrote last year – and I mean a significant re-working since the only thing that remained of the original is probably two paragraphs.

Which brings me to another aspect of this love story – it is clean.  And I mean, clean clean…clean.  I guess it’s what people call a clean romance, so unlike the previous stories I wrote for Ashe and Riley during the holidays.   I never even knew such things (clean romance, as in having their own category on Amazon) existed, but apparently they do and apparently…I like it.

And I hope you like it, too!


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4 thoughts on “Si Je T’aime (If I Love You) – A Loving Ashe Short Story

    1. Hi Suzanne! A great place to start with my books would be Loving Ashe, but one of my other books, A Collateral Attraction, is free to download today so that’s a good start. It’s been described as a mistaken identity story that straddles chick lit and romance, by RT Reviews 🙂


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