Free for a Limited Time

For a very limited time, my novel, A Collateral Attraction, is free to download from Amazon and I hope you’ll give it a read.

RT Book Reviews described it as “a mistaken identity novel that straddles chick lit and romance.”  It’s the first book of my Fire and Ice Series, and it begins with identical twin, Billie Delphine, the small-town shop owner who has to step out of her comfort zone when her sister, Blythe, is suspected of a crime Billie knows she didn’t commit.  Unfortunately, Billie has to work with Heath Kheiron, the man Blythe accuses of wrestling control of the family company from her boyfriend, Ethan Kheiron.

It’s a story of identity and letting go of old habits that no longer work, of taking a step towards something new that just might be the best thing that’s just waiting to happen for Billie – but only if she takes that first step, even if it means falling in love.

A Collateral Attraction


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