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Let’s Leap Into Books Giveaway Blog Hop! | Liz Madrid


As part of the Leap Into Books Giveaway Blog Hop, and as my thank you for introducing me to new authors during my last giveaway, I’m running another giveaway on my Author Blog, and this time,  it’s for an ebook copy of my novel, Loving Ashe AND a $5 Amazon Gift Card (or if you’re international, $5 Paypal Cash).

If you already have Loving Ashe, you can also pick from my other novels, A Collateral Attraction, and Finding Sam instead.

Here’s the link to go the Rafflecopter giveaway directly.

Source: Let’s Leap Into Books! | Liz Madrid

“Each and every word of this story is beautifully written” – InkdIn


“Loving Ashe is a really heartfelt story that will leave you reeling and wanting for more. The way that Liz describes her characters and brings them to life is amazing to witness. Each and every word of this story is beautifully written.

The characters are real, deep and flawed. People make mistakes. They lie and they manipulate. But, what matters in the end is that they try to redeem themselves and that they love.”

Rating – 4.5/5

Source: Loving Ashe, Liz Madrid – Book Review | InkdIn

While in the midst for edits for Loving Riley, I woke up to this wonderful review linked from my Twitter and just had to share it with my 5 amazing followers.  Click on the link to read her whole review and while you’re there, do  check out her other reviews and other book and writing-related posts.

You can purchase Loving Ashe from Amazon here.


anasimons | One of My Faves: Loving Ashe by Liz Madrid

This is an excerpt from Ana Simons’ blog yesterday, about Loving Ashe.  Thank you, Ana. This made my day!

lovingashe_3dThis book is special! When I found out about it, back in April or May, it was already one of the most popular stories on Wattpad with over 1,5M reads. Actually it was the first WP story I read, but when it hit the shelves some months later I immediately got my own copy –  which, now that I think about it, I could send to California and ask the author to sign and return to me!

Loving Ashe has it all: it’s a compelling story, it has an original premise, an engaging plot with the necessary right twists and interesting, well-developed characters that are quite realistically portrayed. The protagonists, Riley and Ashe, are above all human figures, like you and I, with all our virtues and our flaws; we immediately identify with them, we root for them.

Finally, Liz Madrid masters an awesome writing style and conveys feelings and emotions like only few can. She is indeed a very talented writer, who knows exactly how to hook her readers.   This is definitely one of those stories you need to read in one sitting because you just can’t stop! Very highly recommended!

Source: anasimons | One of my favs: Loving Ashe by Liz Madrid


Good Enough

“Did he really hurt you so much that every man has to fit the outline of the pain he left behind inside you?” Ashe asked. Wearing just his trousers, he walked to her side of the bed and sat down. “I told you tonight that I’ve fallen for you, and that was no lie. But I don’t intend to live in someone else’s shadow should we take it further.”