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14 hour days, marketing and dealing with snobbery: my life as a self-published bestseller

Rachel Abbot, Author of Kill Me Again (Image from The Guardian)

“I’d like to say that there has been a dramatic change in attitude towards self-publishing since I released my first novel. In some quarters that is definitely the case. But sadly there are still some influential people who believe that, first, self-published authors sell a lot of books because they are cheap (Kill Me Again is currently in the Kindle UK top 20 and only one book in the chart is more expensive) and, second, that if the writing was good, the author would be offered a traditional deal. Despite being placed 14th in the UK Kindle chart of all authors over the past five years – above many of my favourite authors – some festival organisers still believe I don’t have as much to say about writing and selling books as a traditionally published author, regardless of their popularity.

But that’s a minor gripe, and I am happy to trade the occasional (and diminishing) lack of recognition as a serious author for the unbelievable support that I get from readers. Nothing thrills me as much as hearing from people who have read and enjoyed my novels – readers who probably don’t know, and couldn’t care less, how I am published.”

Source: 14 hour days, marketing and dealing with snobbery: my life as a self-published bestseller | Books | The Guardian

anasimons | One of My Faves: Loving Ashe by Liz Madrid

This is an excerpt from Ana Simons’ blog yesterday, about Loving Ashe.  Thank you, Ana. This made my day!

lovingashe_3dThis book is special! When I found out about it, back in April or May, it was already one of the most popular stories on Wattpad with over 1,5M reads. Actually it was the first WP story I read, but when it hit the shelves some months later I immediately got my own copy –  which, now that I think about it, I could send to California and ask the author to sign and return to me!

Loving Ashe has it all: it’s a compelling story, it has an original premise, an engaging plot with the necessary right twists and interesting, well-developed characters that are quite realistically portrayed. The protagonists, Riley and Ashe, are above all human figures, like you and I, with all our virtues and our flaws; we immediately identify with them, we root for them.

Finally, Liz Madrid masters an awesome writing style and conveys feelings and emotions like only few can. She is indeed a very talented writer, who knows exactly how to hook her readers.   This is definitely one of those stories you need to read in one sitting because you just can’t stop! Very highly recommended!

Source: anasimons | One of my favs: Loving Ashe by Liz Madrid